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PPAR Gamma Agonists and Autism

One of my favorite bloggers (Peter Lloyd-Thomas) has been blogging about PPAR-Gamma Agonists and autism recently here

Among Peter’s observations:

1)  Actos improves behavior in autism, and Actos is a PPAR-gamma agonist.

2) PPAR-gamma agonists have antiepileptic properties in mice.

3) Peter’s son who has autism is doing better on PPAR-gamma agonists and no longer needs ibuprofen.

Some additional observations:

4)  Cntnap2 gene defect ameliorated with biochanin A in Zebrafish.  Biochanin A is a PPAR-gamma agonist.

5) Luteolin formulations have shown efficacy in autism in some open label trials:,  Luteolin is a partial PPAR-gamma agonist.

6) IGF-1 seems to show some efficacy in Phellan McDermid syndrome:  An herb that upregulates IGF-1 also upregulates PPAR-gamma.  Is IGF-1 also a PPAR-gamma agonist?


IMFAR 2015: Effectiveness of Over-the-counter therapies for autism

I am going to IMFAR 2015 in Salt Lake City and will be giving a poster presentation on “Effectiveness of Over-the-counter therapies for autism”.  The presentation is on Friday, May 15 between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM.

Here is my main poster:

Here are my two tables:

Here is a top 10 list of autism research ideas: